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Breathe Easily All Night Long.

CPAP and BiPAP equipment can give you uninterrupted sleep which can help to make the hours awake more energetic and productive. If you're experiencing sleep apnea, a CPAP or BiPAP device may be for you.

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CPAP vs. BiPAP: What's the Difference?

CPAP and BiPAP machines deliver pressurized air through a mask to your airway, keeping your throat muscles from collapsing and reducing obstructions by acting as a splint. Both CPAP and BiPAP machines let you breathe easily and regularly throughout the night.

CPAP machines can only be set to a single pressure that remains consistent throughout the night, while BiPAP machines offer 2 pressure settings, the prescribed pressure for inhalation and a lower pressure for exhalation. For patients with higher pressure strength using a CPAP machine, exhaling against the incoming air can seem difficult, so in this case a BiPAP machine may be a better option.

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